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Marriages by Rev. Ward Clark of Kingston, 1725-1737

Source: The New Hampshire Genealogical Record, vol. 2 (Dover, N. H.: Charles W. Tibbetts, 1905).
[p. 55]

A List of the persons Married by the Revd mr Wd Clark.

1725—Joseph Elkins and Elizabeth Huntoon Decemr ye 2, 1725

Daniel Emerson of Haverhill and Eliz: Hall Decem ye 3d

1726—Ebenezer Easeman and Mary Sleeper widow May ye 5, 1726

Steven Leavit of Exeter and Mary Gordon July ye 25

Joseph Welch and Deborah Scribner Decembr ye 29

1727—Isaac Godfrey and Elizabeth French Janry ye 17, 1726/7

Phineas Bachelor and Elizabeth Gilman Jan ye 18

1728—Samuel Welch and Hannah Welch Jan : ye 24, 1727/8

Samuel Fifield and Joanna Clifford

Jacob Morril and Mehitabel Samborn Octobr ye 10, 1728

The Revd Mr William Thompson and Anna Hubbard Octr ye 3*

Samuel Easeman and Sarah Clough Novemr ye 7, 1728

1729—Derbe Kelly and Sarah Huntoon Janry ye 1, 1728/9

*Record torn, possibly there were two figures.—Ed.

[p. 56]
1729—Joseph Easman and Patience Smith Feby ye 9, 1729

Benjamin Sweat and Abigail Darling Febry ye 20

Jeremiah Webster and Elizabeth Ladd June ye 19

Steven Kelly and Anna Young October ye 1rst

Peter Pette of Haverhill and Eliz Scribner Novemr 13

John Webster and Ruth Clough Novemr ye 17

1730—Edward Easeman and Deliverance Graves Janry 25, 1730

Charles Young of Exeter and Sarah Gilman Janry 30

Daniel Gilman and Hannah Colcord April ye 22

Joseph Wedd of Almsbury and Susannah Whittier May ye 20

William Fowler and Lydia Severns October 8

Phillip Morse of Newbury and Hannah Muzzey Novr 3

Obediah Elkins and Abigail French Decemr ye 1rst

Josiah Fowler and Elizabeth Webster April ye 20

1731—William Graves of Exeter and Susanna Thing May ye 27, 1731

Samuel Bean and Mary Buzzel Sept 8

Jonathan Wadleigh of Exeter and Joanna Moody Octr ye 21

Andrew Webster and Mercy Clough Novemr ye 25

1732—John March and Margaret Bean June ye 15, 1732

Peter Samborn and Mary Samborn Decemr ye 14, 1732

John Maservy and Jemima Hubbard Decemr ye 27

1733—Ebenezer Bachelor and Dorothy Bointon Febry ye 1, 1732/3

David Moody and Mary Gilman June ye 21

Thomas Smith of Chester and Mary Carr of Kingston July ye . . [date torn]

Benjamin Easman and Margaret Greaves Augt ye 16

George Roberts of Exeter and Judith Keniston Novemr ye 15

Daniel Darling and Susanna Webster Decemr ye 27

1734—John Talford of Chester and Jane Macmurphy Janry 8, 1733/4

Isaac Thomas and Sarah Andrus Febry ye 8

John Clough and Tabetha Welch Febry ye 14

Ezekiel Smith of Exeter and Elizabeth Roberts March ye 11

(K. F. C. R., 1: 4.)
Richard Hubbard and Abigail Taylor October ye 16, 1734

Joseph Bean and Miriam Fowlsam Novr ye 13

[p. 57]
1735—Joel Judkins and Mehitable Elkins Janry ye 1str 1734/5

Daniel Young and Hannah Loverin Janry ye 23

Job Keniston and Sarah Magoon the night Between Feb ye 26 & 27

John Leavit and Abigail Giles June ye 16, 1735

Jonas Clay and Margaret Newton Sept: ye 1rst

Ezekiel Dow of Hampton and Eliz : Cram Sept: ye 25

John Gilman and Sarah Stevens Decemr 18, 1735

1736—Elisha Sweat and Abigail Samborn Febry ye 10, 1735/6

Benjamin Silley and Judith Darling March ye 4, 1736

David Osegood of Salisbury and Lydia Griffin March ye 18

David Bean of Exeter and Mary Judkins March ye 28

Samuel Roberts of Exeter and Priscilla Langmaid May ye 7

Maverick Gilman & widow Susanna Rogers Sept ye 7

Ebenezer Stevens and Mary Colcord Octr ye 21

Jonathan French and Joanna Elkins Novr ye 7

Leiut John Sweat and Mrs Sarah Brown Novr ye 10

Peter Derbon of Chester and Margaret Fifield Decemr ye 2*

Benjamin Stevens and Sarah Fifield Decemr ye 24 1737

Abraham Samborn and Abigail Clifford Janry ye 6, 1736/7

(K. F. C. R., I: 6.)

*Record torn after figure 2, not certain as to date.—Ed.