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Marriages by Rev. Samuel Perley, 1767-1782

Source: The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 51 (Boston, Mass.: The Society, 1897).
[p. 460]

Communicated by Rev. Henry O. Thayer, of Portland, Me.

Samuel Perley, b. Rowley, Mass., 1742, Aug. 11; Harv. Coll. 1763; ordained and settled 1765, Jan. 31, over church in Seabrook, N. H. (Presbyterian); continued to 1776, Oct. 1; preached two months at Rowley, Mass.; began 1777, Feb., at Moultonborough, N. H. (Congregational); installed 1778, Oct.; dismissed 1779, May; in June began at Cockermouth (Groton), N. H. (Congregational), installed Oct. 20; dismissed 1784, Feb. At once removed to Gray, Cumberland County, Maine; settled Sept. 8, church becoming Presbyterian; dismissed by town 1791, May 12; continued to reside in town; practised medicine during and subsequent to his ministry; was justice of the peace 21 years; representative to General Court, 1787; member of Constitutional Convention, 1788; died 1831, Nov. 28, aged 89.

The following are the marriages solemnized by him before removal to Maine, and preserved in his book of records. The first leaf, however, is missing, containing those of 1765 and 1766. He entered the fees received, which were oftenest £2 5s. 0; the smallest were 12s., 14s., 18s., a few zero; the larger were £4 10s. 0, £5 5s. 0, £6 15s. 0; a few were £9. 0s. 0, and one, the first in Cockermouth, was £18 0s. 0.

Dec. 25. John Toppan, Kings-Town, and Mrs. Abigail Weare of Seabrook.

Feb. 25. Joseph Hall Bartlett and Ruth Gould, both of Newbury Newtown.

Apr. 9. Daniel Pavier and Elizabeth Maxfield, Hampton Falls.

Apr. 16. Benjamin Leigh and Mary NewMarch, Newbury-Port.

July 28. Thomas Dixey and Hannah Cousins, Marblehead.

Aug. 6. Peter Bourn and Ruth Holmes, Boston.

Sept. 21. Enoch Boyd, Hampton Falls, and Hannah Eaton, Salsbury.

Oct. 23. William Gray and Mary Moses, Salem.

Nov. 5. Benjamin Fuller and Sarah Jones, Almsbury.

Nov. 17. Thomas Dutton and Anna Coffin, Newbury.

Nov. 19. Christopher Cross, Almsbury, and Jemima Eaton, Hampton Falls.

Nov. 19. John Gill, a Mariner,* and Rachel Arnold, Salsbury.

Nov. 20. Nathanel Page and Elizabeth Leavitt, Hampton.

* Several seamen are thus designated and without residence, while the name of the town appended pertains only to the bride.

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Nov. 25. Henry Jackson Mariner and Ann Hasey, ______.

Nov. 30. David Knoulton and Mary Green, "both of my parish" [Seabrook].

Dec. 17. Thomas Stinchfield and Sarah Paul, N. Gloucester [Maine].

Feb. 17. Seth Bagley and Abigail Greely, Salisbury.

Mar. 3. Joseph March, Salisbury, and Lydia French of my Parish.

Apr. 1. James Black and Susannah Lawrence, Boston.

Apr. 28. Richard Tobey and Susannah Haskell, Hamptonfalls.

May 25. Jesse Dow and Deborah Fellows, of my Parish.

June 1. Peter Landers and Rebecca Brown, Salem.

June 22. Samuel Thorn, Salisbury, and Hannah Hoyt of Seabrook.

July 14. Abraham Burnham and Susannah Perkins, Seabrook.

Aug. 16. Benjamin Minkleroy and Mehetable Phips, Salem.

Aug. 28. Ebenezer Swazey and Abigail Pearson. Exeter.

Sept. 29. William Rowe of New Gloucester and Hannah Tucker, Hamptonfalls.

Oct. 18. John Bryent Esq., Pembrook, and Moly Smith, Seabrook.

Oct. 18. Robert Smith and Sarah Eaton, Seabrook.

Oct. 25. Hubbard Haskell, Gloucester, and Anna Davis, Seabrook.

Nov. 22. John Dole and Anna Lunt, "Newbury or Newbury-Port."

Nov. 29. Timothy Barnard, Almsbury, and Elizabeth Fowler, Salisbury.

Dec. 10. Michael Gary and Mary Chiney, Newbury-Port.

Dec. 19. Jonathan Ames, Boxford, and Ruth Perley of Linebrook.

Dec. 20. Abner True and Mary Thresser, Seabrook.

Dec. 21. Samuel Robie and Betty Cram, Hamptonfalls.

Dec. 29. Samuel Pavier, Sandown, and Deborah Andross, widow, Chebacco.

Jan. 4. Robert Wallis and Susannah Leathers [Georgetown, Me.?].

Jan. 4. William Henderson and Susannah Brown, Newbury-Port.

Jan. 9. Nehemiah Chase, Seabrook, and Abigail Marstin, Hampton.

Feb. 28. James Milch, Falmouth [Me.], and Sarah Hall, Newbury-Port.

March 7. John Clark and Anna Dole, Boston.

March 15. Samuel Swett and Abigail Follingsby, Salisbury.

Apr. 3. John Shepphard and Sarah Trench, Salisbury.

Apr. 13. Jonathan Katon and Anna Arnold, Salisbury.

Apr. 19. Isaac Stoaks and Mary Hearsey, Boston.

May 15. Josiah Eaton and Meriam True, Seabrook.

May 25. Jonas Howard and Elizabeth Marstin, Salem.

June 22. Daniel Smith and Mary Hilliard, Seabrook.

July 3. James Freeland, Boston, and Ann Armstrong, Windham.

Aug. 1. James Murphy and Ann Tenney, Kings-Town.

Sep. 6. Moses Day and Eleanor Byles, Salem or Danvis.

Sep. 7. Samuel Moor, Canterbury, and Susannah Webster, Boskwine.

Sep. 22. Jonathan Eliot, Epen, and Abigail Eaton, Salisbury.

Oct. 2. Joseph Towle, Seabrook, and Elisabeth Coffin, Hampton.

Oct. 5. John Brown, Seabrook, and Sarah Lowell, Hawk.

Oct. 28. Moses Gilman and Abigail Somes, Exeter.

Oct. 30. Joshua Page, Seabrook, and Dorothy Bagley, Salisbury.

Oct. 31. Richard Hubbard, New Town, and Dorcas Haskell, Salisbury.

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Dec. 14. Jacob Sully and Anna Dwinell, Seabrook.

Dec. 14. William Sully and Moley Feltch, ______.

Jan. 14. Noyes Pavier, Hamptonfalls, and Lucy Burnham, Chebacco.

Jan. 30. Enoch Dow and Betta Crocker, Seabrook.

March 8. William Hook and Sarah Searjant, Seabrook.

March 29. Humphrey Eaton and Judith Sulley. Seabrook.

April 17. Joseph Nowell and Mary Nowell, Newbury-Port.

May 1. Jonathan Chandler and Susannah Holliday, Newbury-Port.

May 14. Jeremiah Ballard and Lydia Flood, Hamptonfalls.

May 22. Timothy Dexter and Elizabeth Frothingham, Newbury-Port.

May 25. Philemon Warner and Mehetable Pearson, Newbury-Port.

May 27. Benjamin Emerson and Ruth Tucker, Salisbury.

May 29. Jonah Dodge and Sarah Thorndike, Beaverly.

May 31. Joseph Pearkins, Weare-Town, and Mary Goue, Seabrook.

July 25. Richard Jennys and Sarah Irland, Boston.

July 25. John McCarter, mariner, and Rebecca Leavingston, Salem.

Aug. 23. Jeremiah Rirdon, mariner, and Mary Carr, Salisbury.

Sep. 3. Solomon Killum of Gloucester, mariner, and Rachel Kinsman of Ipswich.

Sep. 13. Adonijah Morrill and Mary Hook, ______.

Oct. 7. Jonathan Davis and Mary Shaw, Hamptonfalls.

Oct. 9. John Douglass and Mary Rowe, Gloucester.

Oct. 18. Benjamin Merrill, Seabrook, and Hannan Morrill, Salsbury.

Oct. 18. Benjamin Eaton, Seabrook, and Sarah Moody, Salsbury.

Oct. 31. Joseph Hiller and Margaret Cleaveland, Salem.

Nov. 10. John Brown and Jemima Haskell, Newbury-Port.

Dec. 5. Hussey Hoag and Abigail Stickney.

Dec. 6. Winthrop Clough and Elizabeth Mace, Hamptonfalls.

Dec. 7. Joseph Mansfield and Hannah Hozo (or Horo), Salem.

Dec. 25. William Pottle Mariner and Rachel Gill, Seabrook.

Jan. 10. Jonathan Chase and Anna Griffith, Seabrook.

April 21. John Mead, New-markett, Sarah Smith, Seabrook.

April 29. John Butler and Hannah Osgood, residents in Salem.

May 2. Abner Little and Abigail Atkinson, Newbury, both of Mr. Noble's Parish.

May 16. Daniel Eaton, Salsbury, and Hannah Walton, Seabrook.

May 16. John Mutchermore, Exeter, and Catherine Stevens, Salsbury.

May 26. Nathaniel Bren, Exeter, and Susannah Currier, Salsbury.

June 4. Jeremiah Downer and Sarah Sweat, Newbury-Port.

June 12. Joshua Hill and Betty Boardman, Newbury-Port.

June 13. Simon Page, Kenington, and Hannah Weare, Seabrook.

July 6. Thomas Boyles and Mary Babage, Marble-Head.

July 12. John Hilyard, Hamptonfalls, and Rachael Dow, Salsbury.

July 14. Elijah Green, Hamptonfalls, and Abigail Prescutt, Seabrook.

July 15. Obediah Ayer, Cumberland in Nova Scotia, and Hannah Swasey, Newbury-Port.

July 18. Benjamin Davis and Mary Maryuard [or quard], Newbury-Port.

Aug. 29. Thomas Patten and Abigail Haskell, Newbury-Port.

Sept. 6. Nathan Batchelder and Mary Andross, Beverly.

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Oct. 10. Zebulon Carr, Salsbury, and Betta Hook now residing in Seabrook.

Oct. 23. Jesse Blake, Ware, and Dorithy Crocker, Salsbury.

Nov. 5. Hugh Tarbot and Abigail Fitch, Boston.

Nov. 14. William Sinkler and Elizabeth Stevens, Marblehead.

Nov. 14. Nathaniel Rand and Abigail Brooks, Medford.

Nov. 14. Benjamin Nudd, Greenland, and Mary Davison, Hamptonfalls.

Nov. 21. Ezekiel Kimball and Meriam Blake, Ware.

Nov. 29. William Sandford Oliver Capt of His Majesties 79 Company of Mariens and Susannah Honeywell of Boston in Massachtts.

Jan. 16. William Apthorp and Mary Thompson, Boston.

Jan. 28. William Parker and Mary Warner, New-Bury-Port.

April 10. Andrew Frothingham and Louise Titcomb, Newbury-Port.

April 14. Joseph Taylor, Weare, and Mary Marston (both of) Hampton.

April 23. Ezekiel Cram, Hamptonfalls, Molly Keneston, Greenland.

April 30. Samuel Adams and Anna Stevens, Salsbury.

May 4. Nicholas Titcomb, Newbury Port, and Phebe Hale, Newbury.

May 23. John Fordery Edmands and Elisabeth Steveson, Plymouth.

June 3. Moses Brown and Ruth Maxfield, South Hampton.

June 4. Jacob Jones, Salsbury, and Hannah Dow, Seabrook.

June 15. Josiah Hook, Salsbury, and Hannah Goue, Seabrook.

June 27. Francis Brown and Elizabeth Hutchinson, Danvers.

July 13. Stephen Rawlings and Hannah Standley, Bakers-Town, Cumberland Co.

Sept. 1. Thomas Butnam and Genger Groves, Beverly.

Sept. 9. Samuel Stone and Love Tuttle, Danvers.

Sept. 14. Jedediah Prescutt, Deerfield, and Sarah Morrill, Nottingham.

Sept. 21. John Dow and Abigail Purington, Seabrook.

Sept. 24. William Perry and Elisabeth Young, Salem.

Sept. 26. Caleb Stickney and Sarah Bordman, Newbury-Port.

Oct. 1. David Osgood and Ruth Bagley, Salsbury.

Oct. 2. Abraham Goue and Mary Nudd, Kensington.

Oct. 15. Samuel Goodridge and Elisabeth Page, Danvers.

Oct. 27. William Mace and Elisabeth Bailey, Newbury-Port.

Oct. 30. Nathaniel Hale and Mary Lawrence, Falmouth, Cumberland Co.

Nov. 1. Winthrop Eaton and Phebe Gren [town omitted], Rockingham Co.

Nov. 5. David Scott and Mary Yawl, Roxbury.

Nov. 10. Samuel Fowler and Martha Scelley, Seabrook.

Nov. 12. Hezekiah Bede, Kings-Town, and Judith Goue, Hamptonfalls.

Nov. 12. Josiah Pavier and Hannah Godfrey (town omitted), Rockingham Co.

Dec. 10. John Smith and Abigail Eaton, Seabrook.

Dec. 22. William Lofty and Mary Jacobs, Salem.

Dec. 22. Josiah Moulton, Raimond, and Hannah Thresher, Hamptonfalls.

Dec. 31. Jacob-Gray Morgain, Beverly, and Hannah Marstis, Manchester.

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Jan. 5. William Goodridge and Elizabeth Trask, Beverly.

Jan. 7. Joseph Fowler and Lydia Ross, Ipswich.

Jan. 12. David Wyer, Charlestown, and Anna Brooks, Medford.

Jan. 19. William Goue and Mehitable Philbrick, Seabrook.

Jan. 26. True Perkins and Sarah Merrell, South Hampton.

Feb. 1. John Eaton Taylor and Sarah French, Seabrook.

Feb. 3. James Sandborn, Kensington, and Abigail Blake, HamptonFalls.

Feb. 4. Thomas Scelley, Seabrook, and Sarah Maxfield, Salsbury.

Feb. 11. Nathaniel Wiggin, Junr and Elizabeth Thirstin, Stratham.

Feb. 17. John Boardman and Elisabeth Coardwell, Ipswich.

Feb. 23. Ezekiel Brown, Epen, and Sarah Page, Salsbury.

March 8. Samuel Winslow, Old Sheepcut [Maine], and Jerusha Griffin, Newbury-Port.

March 14. Archibald McMeal and Mary Knight, Boston.

March 15. Ebenezer Swan and Experience Flint, Salem.

March 17. Jonathan Dole Junr and Eunice Titcomb, Newbury-Port.

March 24. Simeon Currier and Mary Calton, Bradford.

March 24. John Adams and Judith Follansbee, Newbury-New Town.

March 30. Melatiah Merrell and Anna True, Salsbury.

April 6. Enoch Chase and Sarah Sawyer, Newbury-Newtown.

April 6. Jacob True, Salsbury, and Lydia Dow, Seabrook.

April 13. Edward Haskell and Rebecca Coffin, Newbury-Port.

April 22. Benjamin Ashbee and Elizabeth Hill, Salem.

April 26. Jeremiah Shaw A.M. and Hannah Moulton, Hampton.

May 1. Joseph-Miller Tompson and Hannah Stockman, NewburyPort.

May 14. Daniel Chase 3rd and Hannah Perkins, ______, Co. Rockingham.

May 20. Ashel Green and Mary Dwinells, Seabrook.

May 31. John-Samuel Pettet and Mary Haws, Boston.

June 8. Justus Rice and Richael How, Boston.

June 8. Silas Nowell and Martha Cross, Newbury-Port.

June 8. Winthrop Dow and Mehitable Scelley, Seabrook.

June 16. John Wright and Hannah Hay, Stoneham.

June 17. Samuel Lunt and Abigail Stevens, Salsbury.

July 12. Elijah Goue, Weare, and Sarah Mills, Nottingham.

July 14. Elihu Chase, Kensington, and Sarah Green, Seabrook.

July 27. Luke Baker and Bathsheba Whiteing, Roxbury.

Aug. 11. Jonathan West and Mary Adams, Salem.

Aug. 19. Daniel Cogerein and Margaret Smith, Boston.

Aug. 24. James Delass and Hannah Atkinson, Exeter.

Aug. 25. John Stevens and Abigail Adams, Salsbnry.

Aug. 28. Thomas Griffin and Margaret Hodgkins, Salem.

Sept. 23. Jonathan Clemons and Johanna Page, Kingstown.

Sept. 23. Humphrey Hook, Hawk, and Sarah Redington, Haverill.

Oct. 6. Samuel Peine, Newbury-Port, and Abigail Pettengill, Falmouth.

Oct. 7. Ezekiel Russell and Sarah Hood, Boston.

Oct. 7. Lemuel Page and Betty Brown, Salsbury.

[p. 465]
Oct. 13. Asahel Porter and Abigail Brooks, Salem.

Oct. 13. Josiah Richardson and Ruth Brooks, Salem.

Oct. 16. John Smith and Eunice Beals, Boston.

Oct. 20. John Dyson and Elizabeth Davis, Beverly.

Oct. 24. Joshua Eaton and Anna Smith, Seabrook.

Nov. 2. Caleb Morse, Salsbury, and Lydia Tilton, Hamptoufalls.

Nov. 17. John Sprague and Rebecca Chambers, Boston.

Nov. 22. Joshua Balits and Sarah Corning, Beverly.

Nov. 30. Peter Roberson and Abigail Maloon, Seabrook.

Nov. 30. Dole Pearson and Johannah Fogg, Exeter.

Dec. 7. Benjamin Warters, Beverly, and Lucy Deane, Ipswich.

Dec. 7. Jacob True and Abigail Eliot, Salsbury.

Dec. 9. Isaac Currier, Newbury, and Sarah Carr, Salsbury.

Dec. 22. Jeremiah Fitts and Ruth Souther, Ipswich.

Jan. 1. Samuel Pitcher and Ruth Bucklin, Rehoboth.

Jan. 6. Moses Keniston, Greenland, and Dolly Bartlett, Almsbury.

Jan. 20. John Eaton, Buxton [Maine], and Jemima Green, Seabrook.

Jan. 26. Henry Luckis and Elizabeth Smith, Boston.

Mar 28. John Chase, Weare, and Sarah Morrell, Salsbury.

April 7. Jocob Foss, New-Markett, and Sarah Hook, Newbury Port.

April 13. John Greele, Salsbury, and Rachel Walton, Seabrook.

May 7. Francis Bates and Martha Perkins, Salem.

June 10. John Leach and Susannah Persons, Marblehead.

June 25. John Eastman and Elisabeth Follansbee, Newbury-Port.

June 25. Joseph Barker and Sarah Besom, Marblehead.

July 21. Samuel Coffin and Elisabeth Lowden, Newbury-Port.

Aug. 13. John Dennis and Meriam Chambers, Marblehead.

Aug. 19. John McMan, Mariner, and Margaret Lee, Seemstress, Portsmouth.

Aug. 27. Daniel Newman and Mary Warner, Ipswich.

Sep. 21. Nicholas Newbury and Triphena Trask, Beverley.

Oct. 8. Joshua Ward and Sarah Landers, Salem.

Oct. 27. Ammi Cutter, Cambridge, and Hannah Holden, Charlestown.

Nov. 1. Benjamin Melcher and Mary Hilliard, Hampton-Falls.

Nov. 9. Joseph Hook and Roda Feltch, Seabrook.

Nov. 24. Aaron Haskell and Sarah Burnham, Gloucester.

Dec. 2. John Jossem and Eliner Conner, Newbury-Port.

Dec. 8. Ebenezer Hale and Lydia Ford, Newbury-Port.

Dec. 8. David Boyd and Molley Scelley, Seabrook.

Dec. 8. Abner Fowler, Hampton, and Molly Mason, Hampton-Falls.

Dec. 21. Moses True, Seabrook, and Sarah Page, South Hampton.

Jan. 3. Joseph Dellimore and Abigail Smith, Newbury-Port.

Jan. 10. Josiah Batchelder and Sarah Adams, Salsbury.

Jan. 26. Benjamin Lovering Fairfield, Ipswich-Hamplet, and Lydia Eaton, Salsbury.

Jan. 27. John Thrasher, Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland co., and Judith Dole, Newbury.

Jan. 31. William Shattuck, Boston, and Martha Parker, Roxbury.

Feb. 8. John Haws and Elisabeth Oakham, Salsbury.

Feb. 25. George Hirst, Newbury-Port, and Anna Roberts, Ipswich.

[p. 466]
March 3. James Hegarty and Mary Hudson, Newbury-Port.*

March 9. Richard Shay and Sarah Collins, Newbury-Port.

March 30. Rev. Francis Worcester, Hollis (N. H.), and Mary Boyinton, Rowley.

March 30. Capt. William Bayley, Almsbury, and Mary Leach, Wendham.

May 13. Capt. Benjamin Perkins, Newbury-Port, and Elisabeth Clarkson, Portsmouth.

May 16. Ignatius Haskell, Newbury, and Mary Stickney, NewburyPort.

May 25. Jonathan Ingersoll and Mary Hodges, Salem.

May 25. John Whipple and Anna Tilton, Ipswich Hamplett.

May 30. John Keyes, Roxbury, and Elizabeth Adams, Boston.

June 1. Parker Jacques, Newbury, and Mary Newman, Newbury-Port.

June 13. Francis Pike and Hannah French, Salsbury.

June 22. Benjamin Leigh and Abigail Pierce, Newbury-Port.

June 24. Silvester Stevens and Sarah Pierce, Marblehead.

July 5. Daniel Smith and Mary Fogg, Seabrook.

Aug. 12. Nathaniel Jewett and Elisabeth Baker, Ipswich.

Sep. 22. David Gary Junr. and Anna Bucknam, Stoneham.

Sep. 27. Peter Everett and Lucy Whiting, Roxbury.

Oct. 13. Moses Mudgott and Ruth Abbit, Weare.

Oct. 16. Abraham Knowlton and Sarah Fitts, Ipswich.

May 23. Ephraim True and Mary Eaton, Seabrook.

May 27. John Wedger, Boston, and Mary Hunking, Salem.

May 31. William Davidson Junr and Sarah Blake, Hamptonfalls.

June 18. Samuel Pitts and Joanna Davis, Boston.

June 19. Stephen Gott and Rebecca Wier, Marblehead.

July 16. Joseph Fellows, New Braittain, and Deborah Pavier, Hamptonfalls.

July 22. Samuel Barker, Greenland, and Susannah Stickney, ______.

Aug. 13. John Moulton Esq., Hampton, and Mary Pettengill, Salsbury.

1779. At Moultonborough.
Jan. 21. Thomas Mudgett and Hannah Jewell, Sandwich.

Feb. 25. Jonathan Horn and Sarah Murrey, Wollborough [sic] (Strafford Co., N. H.)

1780. At Cockermouth.
Mar. 15. Simeon Bridgman, Dorchester, and Fanny Nevens, Cockermouth. "Fee Sixty Dollars."

Dec. 18. John Hazeltine and Rebecca Noyes, Cockermouth.

May 2. Samuel Worthan and Hannah Ingols, New-Chester (Grafton Co.).

May 2. Nathaniel Bartlet and Sarah Briant, Alexandria (Grafton Co.).

June 12. John Nevens and Mary Haseltine, Cockermouth, (Grafton Co.).

Aug. 22. Josiah Bur[..]and, Boscawen, and Jane Noyes, Cockermouth.

Oct. 20. Nathaniel Bartlet and Susannah Clark, Canaan.

Oct. 31. John Nevens, Plymouth, and Hephsibath Hebbart, Cockermouth.

Dec. 31. William McMurphey and Annise McGregore, Alexandria.