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Marriages by Rev. Samuel Hidden of Tamworth, 1792-1837

Source: The Granite Monthly, vol. 19 (Concord, N. H.: The Granite Monthly Co., 1895).
[p. 217]

[On September 12. 1792, Rev. Samuel Hidden was ordained pastor of the church at Tamworth. The ceremony took place at the now famous "Ordination Rock" Mr. Hidden was eminent among the pioneer clergy of his day and during his long periad of service delivered no less than 12,000 sermons. While he was pastor at Tamworth 503 united with his church and 56 pastors and teachers went out from it. The following copy of his marriage record is of historic value as well as local interest.—Ed.]

1792, Simeon Keniston to Mary Mudgett, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 3, 1792, Henry Blaisdell to Hannah Nickerson, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 11, 1792, Jabez Hatch to Molly Blaisdell, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 15, 1792, Robert Smart of Ossipee to Dorothy Philbrick, of Tamworth.

March 10, 1793, James Stevenson to Mary Remick, both of Tamworth.

March 21, 1793, Tufton Mason to Sarah Gilman, both of Tamworth.

May 5, 1793, Samuel Harris to Mary Cranfield, both of Sandwich.

Nov. 21, 1793, Isaiah Jewell to Abigail Alley, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 8, 1794, John Cotton of Wolfeborough to Betsy Allen of Tamworth.

Feb. 9, 1794, Israel Folsom to Elizabeth Dow, both of Tamworth.

June 1, 1794, John Drake to Polly Leavitt, both of Effingham.

June 8, 1894 [sic], Joseph Maloon to Nancy Lamprey, both of Effingham.

July 6, 1794, West W. Sampson to Rebecca Fowler, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 5, 1794, Wiggin Taylor to Mary Abbot, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 29, 1794, Daniel Dow to Eliza Moulton, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 20, 1794, Timothy White to Elizabeth French, both of Ossipee.

Oct. 4, 1794, David Gilman to Esther Low, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 23, 1794, Humphrey Fowler to Nancy Mason, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 30, 1794, Ezekiel James to Susanna Head, both of Benton.

Jan. 28, 1795, Christopher Sanborn of Sanbornton to Susanna Mason of Tamworth.

March 7, 1796, Abner Moulton to Mary Seavey, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 9, 1796, John Fowler, Jr., to Miriam Gordon, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 22, 1796, John Simpson to Sally Palmer, both of Effingham.

Feb. 28, 1797, John Blake to Susanna Frost, both of Moultonborough.

April 26, 1797, Gilman Heilton to Polly Mason, both of Tamworth.

April 20, 1797, William Remick to Abigail Gilman, both of Tamworth.

April 30, 1797, John Bean to Betsey Weed, both of Sandwich.

Aug. 3, Abner Blaisdell to Louis Sherman, both of Tamworth.

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Aug. 3, 1797, Jacob Merry to Abigail Gunnett, both of Tamworth.

Aug. 27, 1797, David Colcord, Jr., to Rebecca Smart, both of Tamworth.

Sept. 19, 1797, Luther Rice of Conway to Polly Atkins of Sandwich.

Oct. 1, 1797, Capt. Tristram Capo of Tuftonborough to Susanna Hill.

Oct. 12, 1797, Richard Shepherd of Holderness to Wid. Abagail Gilman of Tamworth.

Nov. 11, 1797, Stephen Palmer to Dolly Dearborn, both of Effingham.

Feb. 28, 1798, Isaiah Rogers of Plymouth to Mahitable Bradbury of Moultouborough.

May 13, 1798, John Rollins to Polly Meader, both of Tamworth.

June 19, 1798, Nicholas Blaisdell to Ruth Robinson, both of Tamworth.

Sept. 27, 1798, Aaron Quimby to Elizabeth Wells, both of Tamworth.

Sept. 30, 1798, Josiah Lewis to Jerushia Tuxbry, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 5, 1798, Jonathan Hobbs of Effingham to Sarah Sanborn of Northampton.

Nov. 5, 1798, Joseph Morrill to Abiah Folsom, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 20, 1798, David Moulton to Mary Folsom, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 25, 1798, Isaac Buzzel to Elizabeth Sanderson, both of Ossipee.

Jan. 29, 1799, William Mason to Abigail Hayford, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 30, 1799, Abraham Drake of Effingham to Susanna Leighton of Ossipee.

April 16, 1799, Amos Bailey to Patty Jackman, both Tamworth.

Dec. 30, 1799, John Knowles of Benton to Mary Danforth of Tamworth.

Feb. 15, 1800, Samuel Thing of Brentwood to Betsy Gilman of Tamworth.

June 9, 1800, Israel Gilman, 3rd, to Susan Gilman, both of Tamworth.

Sept. 10, 1800, Joseph Cooley to Sarah Moody, both of Ossipee.

Oct. 18, 1800, Nathan Beede, Jr. to Elenor Bean, both of Sandwich.

Oct. 28, 1800, Joseph Tappin to Sarah Allen, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 30, 1800, Larkin Dodge to Abigail Mason, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 12, 1800, Ichabod Tibbetts to Anna Lang, both of Eaton.

Nov. 13, 1800, Nathaniel Hobbs, Jr., of Effingham to Sally Smart of Ossipee.

Jan. 16, 1801, Thomas Gannett to Hannah Hart, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 20, 1801, Samuel Maloon to Deborah Palmer, both of Effingham.

April 19, 1801, Daniel Roberts of Ossipe to Susanna Eastman of Tamworth.

June 17, 1801, William Williams to Sally Leach, both of Ossipee.

Aug. 11, 1801, John Folsom to Sally Jackson, both of Tamworth.

Aug. 20, 1801, Isaac West to Phebe Smith, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 28, 1801, Nathaniel Knowles, Jr. of Benton to Joanna Brown, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 31, 1801, John Pender to Ruth Cushing, both of Tamworth.

Feb. 29, 1802, Jacob Ames of Belfast to Miriam Parsons of Tamworth.

Feb. 29, 1802, Samuel Whidden to Polly Head, both of Tamworth.

April 23, 1802, Sargeant French of Sandwich to Dorothy Foster, of Tamworth.

May 2, 1802, Abram Jenness to Mary Clemment, both of Moultouborough.

May 10, 1802, Joseph Hobbs of Effingham to Dolly Cooly of Ossipee.

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May 18, 1802, James Blaisdell to Abigail Stetson, both of Tamworth.

May 20, 1802, Henry Remick to Polly Howard, both of Tamworth.

May 27, 1802, Theophelus Brown, Jr., to Molly Tuxbury, both of Tamworth.

Apr. 10, 1803, Jacob Gilman to Betsey Gilman, both of Tamworth.

June 23, 1803, Shubal Marston to Betsey Remick, both of Tamworth.

July 11, 1803, Joseph Jewell to Betsey Hayes, both of Tamworth.

Aug. 11, 1803, Jonathan Moody to Experience Nickerson, both of Ossipee.

Sept. 1, 1803, Elisha Weed to Abigail Freeze, both of Sandwich.

Sept. 11, 1803, Benjamin C. Doe to Rebecca Dearborn, both of Effingham.

March 1, 1804, David Jewell of Tamworth to Ruth Clough of Sandwich.

March 11, 1804, Nathaniel Whitaker of Chatham to Abigail Fowler of Tamworth.

March 15, 1804, James O. Freeman to Susanna French both of Sandwich.

July 23, 1804, Nicholas Glidden to Betsey Williams, both of Effingham.

Aug. 8, 1804, Benjamin Cook of Wakefield to Mercy Burley of Sandwich.

Sept. 20, 1804, Winthrop Smart to Sally Heard, both of Ossipee.

Nov. 22, 1804, Daniel Smith of Philipsburg to Wid. Mary Fowler of Tamworth.

Jan. 3, 1805, Robert Roberts to Jerusha P. Goulet, both of Ossipee.

Aug. 4, 1805, John Vittum to Mary Flanders, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 1, 1805, Daniel Folsom to Wid. Sarah Folsom, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 8, 1805, Reuben Hobbs of Effingham to Polly Parsons.

Nov. 4, 1805, Clement Moody to Polly Cooley, both of Ossipee.

March 6, 1806, Moses Weed to Lydia Brown, both of Sandwich.

March 20, 1806, Perkins Moulton to Nancy Meader, both of Tamworth.

April 29, 1806, James Wingate to Polly Shaw, both of Tamworth.

June 5, 1806, Bradbury Jewell to Polly Chapman, both of Tamworth.

June 12, 1806, William Philbrick of Tamworth to Jane McCrillis of Sandwich.

July 13, 1806, Ephraim Hidden to Dorothy Remick, both of Tamworth.

July 18, 1806, John Moulton to Lydia Clough, both of Sandwich.

Sept. 21, 1806, Jonas Carter to Mehitable Gilman, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 27, 1806, Nathaniel Nickerson to Thankful Parsons, both of Ossipee.

Jan. 1, 1807, John Williams to Thankful Nickerson, both of Ossipee.

Jan. 8, 1807, Abram Perkins of Meredith to Susan Gilman of Tamworth.

Feb. 19, 1807, Nathaniel S. Ladd of Andover to Deborah Thing of Tamworth.

April 8, 1807, Samuel Fogg to Dolly Folsom of Tamworth.

May 3, 1807, David Hatch to Susan Colburn of Tamworth.

May 17, 1807, David Folsom to Hannah Philbrick of Tamworth.

May 19, 1807, Consider Gannett to Yeriah Howard of Tamworth.

May 20, 1807, Joseph Seavey to Sally Docum, both of Tamworth.

May 21, 1807, John Meservey of Thornton to Mary Smith of Sandwich.

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June 11, 1807, John Marston, Tamworth, to Betsy Edgell, Tamworth.

Dec. 1, 1807, John Parsons to Sarah Ellis, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 10, 1808, Jeremiah Gilman of Meredith to Hannah Sanborn of Effingham.

Feb. 10, 1808, Samuel Chapman to Elizabeth Folsom, both of Tamworth.

March 1, 1803, Nehemiah Cram to Susan Morse, both of Sandwich.

March 16, 1808, Moses Hinds to Hannah Bryer, both of Tamworth.

May 1, 1808, Wm. Wallace, Jr., to Sally Keniston, both of Sandwich.

May 2, 1808, Stephen Fellows to Peggy McGaffy, both of Sandwich.

May 2, 1808, Henry Weed, Jr., to Nancy Foss, both of Sandwich.

May 4, 1808, Daniel Smart to Rhoda Davis of Eaton.

May 10, 1808, Mark Blaisdell to Patty Whitman of Tamworth.

May 12, 1808, Jonathan Watson to Dolly Vittum, both of Sandwich.

May 12, 1808, Nathan Watson to Betsey Shaw, both of Tamworth.

June 13, 1808, Lewis Bates to Elizabeth Webster, both of Sandwich.

Dec. 29, 1808, Samuel Knox of Conway to Betsey Ames of Ossipee.

Feb. 2, 1809, Nathaniel Morse to Hannah Frost both of Sandwich.

May 18, 1809, Ichabod Shaw of Moultonboro to Eliza Little of Cambrige.

July 5, 1809, Sylvanus Blossom of Eaton to Hannah Bean of Sandwich.

Oct. 22, 1809, John Chapman to Mercy Ballard, both of Tamworth.

July 2, 1809, Jonathan Quimby of Sandwich to Esther Keniston of Tamworth.

Nov. 23, 1809, Wm. P. Beede to Phebe Weed both of Sandwich.

Feb. 11, 1810, Reuben Sanderson of Sandwich to Sally Bason of Tamworth.

April 4, 1810, Solomon Liscum to Sarah Layman both of Tamworth.

April 3, 1810, Henry Weed of Sandwich to Sally Fowler of Tamworth.

April 8, 1810, Isaac Allen to Eliza Gilman, both of Tamworth.

May 28, 1810, Wm. Quimby of Sandwich to Sally Folsom of Tamworth.

Oct. 7, 1810, Enoch Stevenson to Lydia Dow, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 1, 1810, Wm. Weare to Betsey Clough, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 27, 1811, Samuel Beede of Sandwich to Mary Edgell of Tamworth.

Feb. 7, 1811, Daniel Shaw, Jr., to Mehitable Gilman, both of Tamworth.

Feb. 27, 1811, Francis Remick of Industry to Abigail Marston of Tamworth.

April 3, 1811, Robert Newell of Wolfeboro to Nabby Nichols of Ossipee.

June 20, 1811, David Foss to Rachel Hoit, both of Sandwich.

June 30, 1811, Jacob Hyde to Comfort Hayes, both of Tamworth.

Aug. 7, 1811, Jesse Thing of Gilmanton to Sophia Ames of Ossipee.

Oct. 31, 1811, Jacob W. Eastman to Mary Webster, both of Sandwich.

Nov. 13, 1811, Carr Leavitt, Jr. of Effingham to Dolly Danforth of Eaton.

Jan. 12,1812, Rev. Nathaniel Porter to Mrs. Phebe Page, both of Conway.

Feb. 10, 1812, George Woodman to Peggy Brewster, both of Tamworth.

March 11, 1812, Jeremiah Vittim of Sandwich to Mary Jewell of Tamworth.

[p. 221]
March 26, 1812, Nathan Morse to Sally Gilman, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 12, 1812, David Gilman, 3d, to Betsy Ayers, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 15, 1813, Samuel Brewster of Tamworth to Elenor White of Ossipee.

Jan. 28, 1813, Nathan Cram to Patience Purington, both of Sandwich.

Feb. 25, 1813, Mark Jewell to Catherine Sinclair, both of Tamworth.

March 2, 1813, Newton S. Hatch to Hannah Howard, both of Tamworth.

March 5, 1813, Japheth Smith of Tamworth to Mary Varney of Ossipee.

June 11, 1813, Jonathan Miller of Chichester to Abigail Folsom of Sandwich.

Dec. 22, 1813, John McGaffey to Lucy Sampson, both of Sandwich.

Jan. 11, 1814, John Marston to widow Susanna Weymouth, both of Sandwich.

March 31, 1814, David Howard to Widow Abigail Hull, both of Eaton.

April 14, 1814, Ephraim Stevens to Mary Nichols, both of Ossipee.

April 21, 1814, Jonathan Leavitt to Hannah Fay, both of Ossipee.

June 14, 1814, Josiah S. McGaffey to Mary Boyden, both of Tamworth.

Aug. 4, 1814, Reuben Head to Mary Vittum, both of Sandwich.

July 1, 1814, James McCrillis of Sandwich to Rebecca Hackett of Tamworth.

Oct. 12, 1814, James Remick to Sarah Edgell, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 5, 1814, Mark Newman of Andover to Abagail Dodge of Tamworth.

Nov. 20, 1814, Ross Coon of Haverhill to Phebe Purington of Sandwich.

Dec. 1, 1814, Samuel Shaw to Ruth Gilman, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 14, 1814, Eliphalet Sanborn to Frances Norris, both of Sandwich.

Dec. 28, 1814, David Brier to Mary Cook, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 28, 1815, William Nickerson to Mehitable Parsons, both of Tamworth.

Feb. 5, 1815, Nathaniel B. Gordon of Exeter to Lydia Lampson of Sandwich.

July 20, 1815, Jeremiah Ballard to Mary B. Folsom, both of Tamworth.

Aug. 10, 1815, David Foss to Mehitable Lee, both of Sandwich.

Sept. 23, 1815, John Eastman to Mary Hayes, both of Tamworth.

Sept. 23, 1815, Charles Heard to Lucy Eastman, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 12, 1815, John Kelley of Wendell to Elizabeth C. Hilton of Sandwich.

Nov. 9, 1815, Isaac Davis to Betsy Ellis, both of Ossipee.

Nov. 13, 1815, Joseph B. Harvey of Portsmouth to Rebecca Rogers of Tamworth.

Dec. 6, 1815, John Ayer to Mary Ney, both of Ossipee.

Feb. 8, 1816, Thomas Peavey of Farmington to Susanna Nichols of Ossipee.

April 16, 1816, Joseph Dodge to Hannah Dodge, both of Ossipee.

May 16, 1816, Abner Moulton to Susanna Fowler, both of Tamworth.

Sept. 15, 1816, Andrus B. Peters to Keziah Gannett, both of Tamworth.

Sept. 24, 1816, William Clark to Susan Hayes, both of Tamworth.

October 27, 1816, Samuel McGaffey, Jr., to Amelia Drew, both of Tamworth.

[p. 222]
Nov. 14, 1816, Stephen Hawkins to Olive Hoit, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 14, 1816, Asa Jewell to Sally Hoit, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 10, 1816, David Dow to Deborah Gilman, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 25, 1816, William Eastman to Elizabeth Dow, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 2, 1817, Nathaniel Remick to Esther Nickerson, both of Ossipee.

Jan. 15, 1817, Stephen Fowler to Betsy Pinner, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 18, 1817, Jonathan C. Gilman to Sophia Hidden, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 26, 1817, James H. Twombly of Effingham to Abigail Gilman of Tamworth.

Feb. 4, 1817, David Drake of Chichester to Phebe Beede of Sandwich.

Feb. 6, 1817, James Smith of Belfast to Harriet James of Tamworth.

March 3, 1817, Samuel T. Gilman to Abigail Mason, both of Tamworth.

March 9, 1817, James Russ to Zerniah Weymouth of Tamworth.

Oct. 16, 1817, Eben Allen to Thankful Ellis, both of Ossipee.

Nov. 16, 1817, Maurice Lord to Dolly Danforth, both of Eaton.

Nov. 16, 1817, John Staunton of Ossipee to Eliza Danforth of Eaton.

Nov. 13, 1817, Samuel Varney to Sally Cross, both of Ossipee.

Dec. 25, 1817, Isaiah Cushing to Hannah Norris, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 25, 1817, Joseph Graves to Betsy Vittum, both of Sandwich.

Jan. 8, 1818, Jonathan Moulton of Effingham to Hannah Cushing of Tamworth.

March 1, 1818, Daniel Sanborn to Lydia Cushing, both of Tamworth.

April 20, 1818, James M. Woodman to Betsy A. Jackson, both of Tamworth.

June 21, 1818, Dr. Samuel O. Wood to Mary C. Cook, both of Tamworth.

Sept. 21, 1818, Robert Felch to Betsy Sanborn, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 15, 1818, Lybeus Hayford to Lydia Hawkins, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 3, 1818, Jonathan Dow to Lavinia Cushing, both of Tamworth.

Feb. 17, 1819, David Luce to Lucy Chapman, both of Tamworth.

Feb. 21, 1819, Noah Shaw of Montreal to Fanny Durgin of Tamworth.

April 2, 1819, Joshua Welsh to Nancy Heath, both of Ossipee.

June 13, 1819, David G. Stevenson to Sophia Durgin, both of Tamworth.

Aug. 12, 1819, Samuel Weed of Newport to Abigail Jones of Tamworth.

Aug. 25, 1818, Jeremiah Furber to Eliza Little, both of Sandwich.

Nov. 11, 1819, Nathaniel Carter to Patience Colomy, both of Ossipee.

Nov. 21, 1819, Sylvanus H. Green to Clarrisa Durrell, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 1, 1818, Jacob Bean of Sandwich to Jane Danforth of Eaton.

Dec. 3, 1819, John Sawyer of Effingham to widow Rhoda Currier of Eaton.

Jan. 13, 1820, Neal McCrillis to Abigail Foss, both of Sandwich.

Jan. 25, 1820, Simeon Whitman to Hannah S. Gilman, both of Tamworth.

March 22, 1820, Enoch Remick to Lucinda Edgell, both of Tamworth.

March 27, 1820, Dr. Henry McCrillis of Sandwich to Sally Shepherd of Tamworth.

April 16, 1820, Dea. Jacob Eastman to Wid. Abigail Stevenson, both of Tamworth.

April 20, 1820, William Reynolds of Boston to Temperance Brewster of Ossipee.

[p. 223]
Aug. 18, 1820, John Smith to Sally Ambrose, both of Ossipee.

Sept. 6, 1820, Benjamin Lamper to Mary Leavitt, both of Effingham.

Sept. 6, 1820, Joseph Warren of Ossipee to Caroline Huckins of Ossipee.

Nov. 2, 1820, Ezra Gilman to Bethana Cook, both of Tamworth.

Dee. 7, 1820, Asa Fowler to Mary Folsom, both of Sandwich.

Jan. 14, 1821, Thomas Johnson to Elizabeth Lord, both of Effingham.

Feb. 22, 1821, Henry Smith to Betsy Hodgdon, both of Ossipee.

Feb. 23, 1821, Isaac G. Stillings to Mary G. Colby, both of Ossipee.

March 21, 1821, John Bean to Rebecca McCrillis, both of Sandwich.

March 14, 1821, Phineas Hodgdon of Portsmouth to Sally Heard of Sandwich.

July 24, 1821, Nathaniel to Mary Weed (undoubtedly Nathaniel Locke) both of Sandwich.

Aug. 2, 1821, Samuel Blusky to Betsy Hidden, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 18, 1821, Warren Hayford to Sophia Gannett, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 22, 1821, Jonathan Ambrose to Olive Hodgdon, both of Ossipee.

Nov. 28, 1821, John Folsom to Abagail Noyes, both of Sandwich.

Nov. 28, 1821, Stephen Bennett, Jr., to Margaret Foss, both of Sandwich.

Nov. 28, 1821, Henry B. Hatch to Louis Frost, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 11, 1821, Ebenezer Cogswell to Betsy Wiggin, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 30, 1821, Isaac Sawyer, Sen., to Sarah Hayford, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 30, 1821, William Haley of Hollis to Betsy Bryant of Tamworth.

Feb. 7, 1822, John Eastman to Eliza Mason both of Effingham.

Feb. 27, 1822, John Hyde to Eliza G. B. Hoit, both of Sandwich.

March 13, 1822, Nathaniel Clark of Sanbornton to Ruth Philbrick of Tamworth.

March 15, 1822, John Forest to Anna Frost, both of Sandwich.

March 15, 1822, Samuel Fogg of Sandwich to Sally Palmer of Tamworth.

April 11, 1822, Isaac P. Davis to Judith Colby, both of Eaton.

April 25, 1822, Rook Stillings to Mary Hodgdon, both of Ossipee.

June 20, 1822, Rodman Moulton to Dorcas Miliken, both of Effingham.

Nov. 4, 1822, John Moulton to Eliza Hoit, both of Sandwich.

Nov. 10, 1822, John Check of Limington to Lucy Bryant of Tamworth.

Nov. 12, 1822, Seth Hayford to Susan Gannett, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 26, 1822, Joseph Drake of Effingham to Mary Clark of Tamworth.

Dec. 31, 1822, Wm. P. Hidden of Tamworth to Eunice Purrington of Sandwich.

Jan. 16, 1823, Nicholas G Norris to Betsey Blanchard, both of Sandwich.

Feb. 8, 1823, Edmond Banks Hollis to Sally Jones of Tamworth.

Feb. 13, 1823, Moses James to Jacintha Mason, both of Tamworth.

Feb. 13, 1823, Walter Brown to Sally Quimby, both of Sandwich.

Feb. 27, 1823, Wm. Buzell to Mary Chase, both of Tamworth.

March 1, 1823, Jonathan Tappan to Dorothy Heard, both of Sandwich.

March 13, 1823, Eliphalet McGaffey to Aphia Chase, both of Sandwich.

April 20, 1823, Edmond Grant, Sen., to Betsey Gilman, both of Ossipee.

[p. 224]
April 23, Richworth Dorman to Hannah Blaisdell, both of Tamworth.

May 13, 1823, Benjamin Moulton to Nancy Moulton, both of Tamworth.

June 3, 1823, Benjamin Gilman to Lucy H. Boyden, both of Tannvorth.

July 1, 1823, Joshua B. Smith to Dorothy Stevenson, both of Tamworth.

July 24, 1822, Joseph H. Downs to Jemima Mudgett, both of Tamworth.

Sept. 2, 1823, Dudley Cram to Lucy Moulton, both of Tamworth.

Sept. 11, 1823, Samuel Tebbetts of Wolfboro to Joanna Meader, of Tamworth.

Sept. 28, 1823, Samuel Cushing to Betsy Butte, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 7, 1823, John Clark to Huldah Varney, both of Ossipee.

Nov. 16, 1823, Dearborn Chase to Nancy Clark, both of Tamworth.

Feb. 2, 1824, Lybeus Washburn of Lime to Mehitable Gannett of Tamworth.

Feb. 12, 1824, Jacob Remick of Industry to Hannah Shaw of Tamworth.

April 14, 1824, James Burk to Hannah Alen, both of Sandwich.

June 1, 1824, John M. Stevenson to Martha Boyden, both of Tamworth.

June 28, 1824, Reuben Heard of Ossipee to Sophia Moulton of Tamworth.

Sept. 2, 1824, Timothy Colby to Ellen M. Hunt, both of Eaton.

September 12, 1824, William Edgell to Lavina Quimby, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 17, 1824, Andrew McCrillis to Mary C. Webster, both of Sandwich.

Nov. 4, 1824, Hubbard Leach to Lucy K. Freeze, both of Sandwich.

Nov. 11, 1824, Abner Moulton, Jr., to Nancy C. Godfrey, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 28, 1824, Stephen Staples of Tamworth to Frances Brown of Ipswich, Me. [sic].

Dec. 5, 1824, Charles Jackson to Elizabeth S. Dean, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 12, Matthew Gannett to Betsy Goodwin, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 26, 1824, Japhet Gilman to Charlotte Durgin, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 30, 1824, William Mason to Nancy Mason, both of Tamworth.

March 24, 1825, George Folsom to Miriam C. B. Dow, both of Tamworth.

April 16, 1825, Ebenezer Allen to Ruth Cogswell, both of Tamworth.

April 20, 1825, John Bennett to Lucinda Fogg, both of Sandwich.

Sept. 20, 1825, Benjamin Durgin of Limington, Me., to Martha Folsom of Tamworth.

Oct. 18, 1825, Samuel Folsom to Mercy Downs, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 10, 1825, Frederick Boyden to Vesta Remick, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 20, 1825, William Vittum, Jr., to Elvina Clough, both of Sandwich.

Dec. 22, 1825, John Penn, Jr., to Sally Hubbard, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 22, 1825, Stephen M. Smith to Huldah Gordon, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 26, 1826, Moses Titcomb to Mrs. Hannah Whitman, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 26, 1826, Capt. Samuel Eastman to Mrs. Lydia Whitman, both of Tamworth.

March 2, 1826, Nathaniel Perkins of Tamworth to Mrs. Anna Leavitt of Effingham.

May 23, 1856 [sic], Ira A. Bean, Esq., to Eliza F. Hoit, both of Sandwich.

[p. 225]
May 23, 1826, Jonathan Foss to Mary Richardson, both of Sandwich.

July 18, 1826, Ebenezer Ricker of Lebanon, Me., to Susan Butler of Sandwich.

Sept. 7, 1826, Aaron Jarvis to Elizabeth Prescott, both of Sandwich.

Nov. 9, 1826, Dr. Ebenezer G. Moore of Wells, Me., to Eliza S. Hidden of Tamworth.

Nov. 14, 1826, Caleb Marston to Betsy Ambrose, both of Sandwich.

Nov. 23, 1826, Henry A. P. B. Hyde to Abigail Pitman, both of Ossipee.

Nov. 23, 1826, Reuben W. Randall of Effingham to Balinda Blaisdell of Tamworth.

Dec. 20, 1826, Alden Washburn to Sarah Pease, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 21, 1826, Dr. Ebenezer Boyden of Tamworth to Hannah Ames of Ossipee.

March 4, 1827, Joseph Popkin to Sarah Price, both of Tamworth.

April 14, 1827, Joseph Doe of Tamworth to Lavina Hobs both of Ossipee.

April 26, 1827, James Cate to Ruth James, both of Tamworth.

May 6, 1827, James Stevenson, Jr., to Joanna Folsom, both of Tamworth.

June 21, 1827, True Bean to Hannah Webster, both of Sandwich.

July 28, 1827, William Eastman of Tamworth to Louis Burleigh of Ossipee.

Sept. 25, 1827, Edmond Knight of Hollis, Me., to Susan Sanborn of Tamworth.

Sept. 27, 1827, Andrew Folsom, Jr., to Sally Hodgdon, both of Ossipee.

Oct. 25, 1827, William Moulton to Sally Smith, both of Ossipee.

Nov. 6, 1827, Nehemiah White to Susan Williams, both of Ossipee.

Nov. 15, 1827, Moody C. Osgood to Joanna Hayford, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 27, 1827, Wm. Moulton of Sandwich to Elizabeth Hill of Tamworth.

Nov. 28, 1827, Theophelus C. Clough to Hannah C. Boynton both of Tamworth.

Nov. 29, 1827, Obed Hale, Esq., to Betsy Gilman, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 7, 1828, Samuel Chapman to Mary Hoit, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 8, 1828, Dr. James Norris of Sandwich to Luciuda Stevenson of Tamworth.

Jan. 19, 1828, Joshua Horr to Sally Cushing, both of Tamworth.

June 4, 1828, Daniel Hoit of Sandwich to Rosanna Nickols of Somersworth.

June 12, 1828, Capt. Samuel Edgell to Wid. Sarah Chapman both of Tamworth.

July 17, 1828, Dearborn Doe to Nancy Seaverance, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 13, 1828, Josiah Folsom to Huldah Downs, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 8, 1829, James Hidden to Harriet Griffin, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 11, 1829, George D. Hidden to Almira Hunt, both of Tamworth.

March 3, 1829, Spencer Wentworth of Adams to Nancy Gannett of Tamworth.

May 17, 1829, Simon Brier, Jr., to Lydia Hoit, both of Sandwich.

May 17, 1829, Jonathan Frost to Nancy H. Rollins, both of Tamworth.

June 4, 1829, Nathan Moody to Miriam Nickerson, both of Tamworth.

Sept. 10, 1829, Levi Smith of Ossipee to Cynthia Remick of Tamworth.

March 6, 1830, William G. Wentworth of Jackson to Loisa Gannett of Tamworth.

[p. 226]
May 6, 1830, Enoch Perkins to Clara Page, both of Tamworth.

June 3, 1830, Charles M. Page to Abigail Blaisdell, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 13, 1830, Dr. Lowell Marston to Nancy M. Brown, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 28, 1830, Jacob F. Webster to Margery Heard, both of Sandwich.

Nov. 6, 1830, Solomon Pease to Rebecca Lawrence, both of Tamworth.

April 12, 1831, Ephraim Washburn to Clarissa Roberts, both of Tamworth.

April 21, 1831, Stephen Flanders of Eaton to Polly Hayford of Tamworth.

April 13, 1831, George Durrell to Anna Berry, both of Tamworth.

May 1, 1831, John Burleigh to Nancy Durrell, both of Tamworth.

Aug. 21, 1831, Seth Edgell to Sally Price, both of Tamworth.

Aug. 21, 1831, Isaac A. Gilman to Esther Williams, both of Tamworth.

Sept. 24, 1831, Larkin Hobbs to Dorothy Hobbs, both of Ossipee.

Sept. 30, 1831, Wyatt H. Folsom to Sarah Hoit, both of Sandwich.

Dec. 20, 1831, Alfred Hatch to Charlott Chesley, both of Somersworth.

Feb. 3, 1832, Jonathan Perkins, Jr., to Mehitable Williams, both of Tamworth.

March 21, 1832, Rev. John Richardson, of Pittsfield to Mary J. Perkins of Tamworth.

April 18, 1832, James [sic] to Mrs. Joanna Hayford, both of Tamworth.

May 31, 1832, Harvey M. Weed to Lucinda Folsom, both of Sandwich.

June 15, 1832, Calvin Cooley to Hannah Welch, both of Ossipee.

Sept. 16, 1832, John G. Smith to Sally S. Mason, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 5, 1832, Amos Bachelder to Betsy Kimball, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 8, 1832, Jacob P. Smart of Ossipee to Amy Stanley of Tamworth.

Dec. 20, 1832, Nahum Gilman to Abigail Remick, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 20, 1832, Jonathan S. Gilman to Polly Pinner, both of Tamworth.

March 3, 1833, Wyatt B. Marston to Almira Brown, both of Tamworth.

March 9, 1833, Maj. Joseph Gilman of Tamworth to Mrs. Mary Kelly of Dover.

June 26, 1833, John Meader to Nancy Mason, both of Tamworth.

June 27, 1833, Bradbury Jewell to Lucinda Chapman, both of Tamworth.

Sept. 25, 1833, Lewis Gannett to Eliza J. Mason, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 1, 1833, Faxon Gannett to Mary U. Remick, both of Tamworth.

Oct. 15, 1833, Robert Felch to Katherine Sanborn, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 5, 1833, Harvey M. Weed to Mary Boynton, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 18, 1833, Larkin D. Mason to Joanna Folsom, both of Tamworth.

Feb. 2, 1834, Noah J. Sanborn of Tamworth to Persis W. Littlefield of Wells, Me.

Feb. 13, 1834, William Cotton to Nancy Smart, both of Ossipee.

March 13, 1834, Capt. J. Brewster Smith of Sandwich to Betsy Hubbard of Tamworth.

June 22, 1834, Samuel Cushing of Dover to Asenath Hyde of Tamworth.

Aug. 14, 1834, Remembrance Clark to Henrietta Durgin, both of Exeter.

Sept. 11, 1834, Ebenezer Dow, Jr., to Harriet N. Mason, both of Tamworth.

[p. 227]
Nov. 8, 1834, Isaac W. Kimball to Mary F. Hayes, both of Tamworth.

Nov. 27, 1834, Lorenzo D. Stevenson to Lucy B. Mears, both of Tamworth.

Dec. 4, 1837, Jonathan W. Pollard to Sally H. Marston, both of Tamworth.

Jan. 7, 1835, Samuel S. Beede to Nancy T. D. Boyden, both of Tamworth.

Feb. 24, 1835, David Marston of Tamworth to Sarah Horn of North Berwick, Me.

May 12, 1835, Samuel Fairfield of Tamworth to Phebe Chick of Sandwich.

Oct. 5, 1835, John Gray of Jackson to Merandy Gannett of Tamworth.

Nov. 7, 1835, Joseph Cogswell, Jr., of Tamworth to Amanda F. Page of Gilmanton.

Feb. 4, 1836, Joseph Seavy of Ossipee to Leonia Stanley of Tamworth.

April 17, 1836, John Berry of Scarboro, Me., to Sally Hooper of Tamworth.

April, 27, 1836, Consider Gannett of Tamworth to Martha Brown of Cheshire, Vt.

Aug. 4, 1836, John Perkins of Newmarket to Hannah Brown of Tamworth.

Sept. 4, 1836, Samuel Meader, Jr., of Tamworth to Abigail M. Lovering of Freedom.

Nov. 7, 1836, Ebenezer Smith to Mrs. Betsy Weare, both of Tamworth.